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The Matariki Public Holiday

Aotearoa/New Zealand’s first Matariki holiday will take place on Friday, 24 June 2022.  The actual day will differ each year depending on the appearance of Pleiades in the sky. […]

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Not Sure of your Boundary?

All property owners, whether commercial or residential, must ensure that any structure on their property is located within its legal boundaries.  These boundaries cannot be moved without the property’s title also being changed.  Sometimes, however, the legal boundaries do not match up with structures (such as a fence or a building) on that property.  What […]

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Checking Your Home is Accurately Insured

Recent sharp increases in building materials costs due to Covid shortages have affected the cost of a possible rebuild, or repair, of your home.  It is, therefore, wise to have your home properly insured.  Although most commercial property owners must obtain an insurance valuation at least every three years, there is seldom any requirement on […]

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Mental Health in the Workplace

An employer’s issue Managing workplace health and safety has run the gamut from providing ergonomic chairs and PPE to ensuring appropriate evacuation pathways are clearly marked. Emerging trends from WorkSafe New Zealand, however, indicate that the mental wellbeing of staff should fall under an employer’s obligation to provide a ‘safe’ workplace. Under the Health and […]

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