The effective planning of your overall Estate is critical.  Our Estates and Trusts experts have the expertise and capability to advise on all aspects of Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills and Estate Administration and will work closely with you and your financial advisors to make sure you understand your plan and its implications.

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A Will lets you say how you want your property and assets dealt with when you die. It contains instructions about what you want done and how you want your family to be looked after. It is the most important aspect of Estate Planning, and should be kept up to date as your circumstances change.

A Will could be the most important document you ever sign as it can relieve financial and emotional strain on your family after your death and help minimise the likelihood of a dispute about your Estate.

The staff at BMC Lawyers have many years’ experience in Estate Planning and drafting Wills and Trusts.

They can:

  • Suggest how you can best and most fairly provide for your family and dependents.
  • Express your wishes so they have the effect you intend.
  • Advise on alternatives you should consider.
  • Advise on the appointment of suitable executors.
  • Help you protect your assets for future generations.
  • Ensure that your Family Trust is provided for in your Will.
  • Draw up Powers of Attorney at the same time as preparing your new or revised Will.
  • Advise you on all aspects of Estate Planning and Wealth Management.

BMC is happy for clients to make an appointment to see one of our experts to prepare their Will.

We are also pleased to be able to offer to clients an online service which enables you to prepare your Will online. The documents will be prepared via the Justly online software application as per your instructions efficiently and on time at a lower cost to you.

A Power of Attorney is a way of appointing someone who can manage your care and welfare needs and property if you become physically or mentally incapacitated through accident or illness.

We can assist in drafting a Power of Attorney as well as advising on when they become effective. We can also provide advice on what to do if a family member becomes incapacitated without having a Power of Attorney in place.

BMC Lawyers is happy for clients to make an appointment to see one of our experts to prepare a Power of Attorney.