New Zealanders like to own their own homes and for most of us it is our biggest investment.

Breaden McCardle Lawyers is a member of the Property Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society. This ensures our experts stay up to date in the ever changing real estate environment.

Whether you are buying or selling a property it is essential for you to understand and stay in control of the process.

Breaden McCardle Lawyers will work to protect your interests and ensure the smoothest, simplest and most efficient transaction. Our experts:

  • Give you independent advice
  • Act to protect your interests
  • Understand the process well
  • Have experience in negotiating for buyers and sellers
  • Know the potential pitfalls and traps

Breaden McCardle Lawyers can assist you with all aspects of your sale or purchase:

  • Should you buy the property in your personal capacity or through an LAQC or trust?
  • Should you buy the property in equal or unequal shares?
  • What does buying the property as tenants in common mean?
  • Can you afford the property and which finance offer is the best?
  • Have all Council requirements been met?
  • Are there problems with the title?
  • Do I need a Land Information Memorandum (LIM)?
  • What is a Body Corporate?
  • Are the terms of sale legal?
  • How can I get best value from my Real Estate Agent?