Selling Property in Winter: All You Need to Know

Gloved hands holding a house model in winterHere at BMC Lawyers, residential conveyancing law is our specialty, so trust us when we say selling your home in late winter or in early spring may not be as bad an idea as it sounds! In fact, there are several reasons it could be a better option than selling in the warmer seasons; maybe your work gets in the way of a summer sale, maybe your finances are tipping you toward selling sooner, or maybe the timing just seems right.
If you’re considering putting your home on the market in winter or early spring, there are also a few practical upshots to know about. To find out about them, along with a few tips from Breaden McCardle Lawyers along the way, keep reading.

There’s less competition in winter

One reason you may prefer a winter sale is the lack of other houses on the market. This makes it a lot easier for your home sale to stand out. During the busier months of the year, it can be difficult to make your listing visible among all the others.
This difference in the landscape of the market also affects the way buyers think. With fewer options, buyers often feel more motivated to close a deal, as they’re less likely to be considering a number of different homes at once. Furthermore, they probably need the home sooner rather than later given that they’re looking during the cold season. Overall, this leads to less prospective buyers who are really “just looking”—those looking at your home will genuinely be considering it as an option. Essentially, fewer houses on the market equate to more demand, and more demand often turns into higher prices.

You should know your area

Or, if you don’t know your area, have an agent who does. If you’ve got a real estate agent helping you sell your home, talk to them and ask relevant questions. Ask them if homes in your locale tend to sell well in winter—they want the best possible sale for you, so they’ll be honest about it. If they think that a winter sale could work, they’ll probably also know the best times to hold viewings. After all, you’ve got fewer hours of daylight to work with in winter.

Make your home an oasis

A big part of selling your home is making it look inviting and attractive to a buyer, and one of the most important things a home can do is weather the cold. See where we’re going with this? Selling in winter is a huge opportunity to show your buyers that your property is cosy, warm and liveable, especially in the coldest and harshest months of the year.
To sell in winter, anything that will make your home seem like it can’t survive a winter needs to be dealt with. You’ll need to ensure there aren’t any leaks, drafts, insulation issues, and other similar issues. If you manage this, buyers will be even more inclined to seal the deal with confidence that the home will be a comfortable one to live in. This will also ensure that the buyer isn’t concerned about insulation or heating issues, which are difficult to test first-hand in the warmer months.
Making your home winter-attractive applies to your home’s exterior too. Even though it’s cold out, keeping the outdoor areas nice and neat will go a long way. Make sure the grass is well-kept and the exterior free of winter debris such as wet leaves or mud.
Finally, it may be a good idea to show prospective buyers a photo of your garden in summer or spring if you feel like winter isn’t its best angle!

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